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Together for the future

Yasuhara Chemical has been operating in Fuchu City since 1949, shortly after the World war II.
Fuchu City was established by Bingo Kokufu(ancient political center in Bingo area) around the time of the Taika Reform, and is said to have been the center of Bingo's politics, economy, and culture.
Simaltaneously, the Bingo area has been an active area of "manufacturing" such as furniture, textiles and metal processing have been flourishing to have been reknown nationwide.
Yasuhara Chemical Co., Ltd., headquartered in Fuchu City, is one of the few companies in the world that has been pursuing its potential of naturally derived "terpenes" while being inspired by the passion of local companies for "manufacturing".

We grow together coexinting with People, nature and the community

Currently, we are operating 2 production sites in Hiroshima prefecture and 1 in Ehime prefecture.
Yasuhara Chemical still values the "connection" in each region even after achievement of recongition of us around the world in our area of business. While protecting the beautiful natural environment, we will actively take charge of regional promotion activities and job creation, and will strive for a sustainable future together with the region, like "terpenes" that are repeatedly produced and utilized in the natural cycle.


Environmental and Social Report

This page introduces the environmental and social reports we have published to date in PDF format.
Through these reports, we hope to deepen communication with you and further enhance our activities. We hope you will take the time to read this report.

Each information is in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required to view PDF files.

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