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About This Website

This website is managed by Yasuhara Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our Company) with the primary objective of providing information.
In accessing this website, visitors are subject to compliance with the conditions set forth below. If conditions are not agreeable, viewers may not access or use this website or use any of the services provided such as downloads.

Conditions of usage


In using this website, visitors shall assume total responsibility for their own actions.
Our Company shall not be held liable for the completeness, usefulness, accuracy, and other conditions of the information provided in this website, and for any actions taken by the viewer based on the content provided in this website that results in damages. The information posted in this website shall be subject to change or suspension without prior notice.


All content (text, photographs, illustrations, videos, etc.) posted in this website is the copyrighted property of our Company or third party entities, and is protected by the Copyright Act and other laws and treaties. When usage exceeds the scope of personal noncommercial use, all copyrighted material may not be copied, transferred, printed, distributed, or changed in part or whole without the consent of the copyright owners.

【Policy on protection of personal information】

When using this website with the objective of obtaining information, visitors may be required to register personal information. The personal information that are registered by visitors or obtained by our Company through our website are handled in compliance with our Security Policy.

【Regarding links】

Links to this website from a third party website without our consent is acceptable on condition to refrain from the following actions.

  • Links to pages other than the homepage of our website (https://www.yschem.co.jp).
  • Hiding links to this website using methods such as frame links.
  • Linking third party sites that contain content that slanders our Company (including affiliated companies, directors, and employees) or seeks to hurt our good reputation.
  • Linking from websites that contain anti-social content that are offensive to public order, morality, and social ethics.
  • Create a link button using our Company logo without our consent.

【Recommended environment】

The following browsers are recommended for viewing our website.

Browsers Windows Latest version of Microsoft Edge
Firefox (latest version)
Latest version of Google Chrome
Macintosh Firefox (latest version)
Latest version of Google Chrome
Latest version of Safari


Some contents require the following plug-ins:



JavaScript is used to facilitate convenience in using our website.
If JavaScript function has been disabled in the browser being utilized, there is a possibility that the website will not function properly or content will not be properly displayed.
It is recommended to enable JavaScript in the browser setting when viewing our website.

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