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Terpene Resins

Making use of terpene, a renewable material, we offer tackifying resins that are indispensable for manufacturing a variety of adhesives.

Our tackifying resins provide excellent adhesion performances when formulated with various elastomers including natural rubber and styrene block copolymers. Our product line ranges from straight terpene resins made solely from renewable materials to terpene-based copolymers with petroleum-based components.

Our hydrogenated resins are excellent in terms of color, thermal stability, and UV resistance. We are the exclusive manufacturer of hydrogenated terpene phenolic resins.

Furthermore, we offer resins with low to high softening points, and some of these resins are manufactured exclusively by Yasuhara Chemical.



High-Softening-Point Grades

We offer high-softening-point grades that improve the heat resistance of adhesives, plastics, and other products to meet future market needs.

Name of Products Appearance Softening Point(℃) Color CAS No. Packing
YS Resin TO125 Bead 125±5 GS 2 max 64536-06-7 20kgs Bag
YS Polyster T160 Bead 160±5 GS 7 max 25359-84-6 20kgs Bag

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