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Why Yasuhara Chemical?

Yasuhara Chemical is the leading manufacturer of terpene-derived products.

Since its establishment in 1947, Yasuhara Chemical has manufactured and provided safe and high-quality products using turpentine oil derived from natural resources. Plant-derived turpentine oil is a carbon-neutral and sustainable resource compared with petroleum oil. Our experience and expertise in developing and producing terpene products over 50 years makes us a world-leading manufacturer of terpene products.

We are the exclusive manufacturer of hydrogenated terpene resins and high-softening-point grade resins.

Hydrogenated terpene phenolic resins, hydrogenated terpene resins, hydrogenated aromatic modified terpene resins, and high-softening-point resins are produced exclusively by Yasuhara Chemical. Our hydrogenated grades with excellent transparency and thermal stability and our high-softening-point grades meet the various needs and requirements of our customers.

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We use our terpene resins to manufacture environmentally friendly and high-quality hot melt adhesives.

We use the resins we manufacture ourselves to develop the hot melt adhesives business. Our strength is in our product development making full use of the features of terpene resin. We offer products that are environmentally friendly and of the highest quality.

Environmentally-friendly and high-quality hot melt adhesives
We offer solutions that best fit our customers’ diverse needs.

With our long years of experience in manufacturing and supplying terpene products, our R&D is constantly seeking to develop technologies and solutions for high value-added products that meet our customers’ needs and requirements.

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