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Fundamental Principles

Innovation that blends the blessings of nature with scientific technology.
Seeking to improve and benefit both industries and lifestyles.

Drawing on our pioneering spirit to create and seek challenges in the area of terpene technology, we search for the infinite possibilities of the natural world. Our mission is to contribute to the evolution of society and help in realization of convenient and bountiful lifestyles by providing a stable supply of high-quality, value-added products to industries.

Fundamental Management Policies

  1. Create new value by developing terpene technology to fully achieve its potential.
  2. Aggressively pursue improvements in our technological expertise and expansion of our activities, in anticipation of future needs.
  3. Respond by our actions to the trust and expectations that society and our customers place in us.
  4. Reflect our appreciation of society, our customers, and the bountiful blessings from nature in our daily business activities.
  5. Train personnel to build the future, and create a dynamic organization.
  6. Cultivate a corporate culture that mutually enhances the characters of fellow workers and where communication is proactive.
  7. Care for and serve the local community as a member of that community.

Course of Action

Through self-improvement, we will strive to do everything Better.
Through awareness of the importance of our job roles, we will become Experts.
We will manifest the Spirit in being creative and meeting any challenges.
We will respect each other and be proactive in Teamwork.

For the sake of Yasuhara, our society, and ourselves, we will always do our Best.

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