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Hot Melt Adhesives for Packaging

Hot Melt Adhesives for Packaging

The HIRODINE 2000 series is a grade of adhesives used in packaging materials such as cardboard boxes and cartons. It is a safe adhesive made from plant-derived materials.

  • HIRODINE 2705, with their improved thermal stability, do not require maintenance during long periods of usage. Their enhanced stringing properties have contributed to improving the work environment.


Packages, Cardboards, Coated paper, A-type casers, Wraparounds, etc.


  • Spherical


■HIRODINE 2000 Series
Grade Appearance Melt Viscosity
180℃ (mPa・s)
Softening Point
Application and features
2313 Light yellow spherical 1,150
95 Nonskid for palletizing;
2705 Pale yellow spherical 870 111 Cardboards, Carton boxes;
Heat stable, Low
2733 Light yellow spherical 1,100 111 Cardboards; Low threading
2760 Light yellow spherical 1,900
114 Cardboards, Carton boxes;
Quick drying
2916 Light yellow spherical 900 109 Cardboards;

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