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Hydrogenated Terpene Phenolic Resin

Hydrogenated Terpene Phenolic Resin

A hydrogenated grade of terpene phenolic resin copolymerized by combining the renewable material terpene monomer and phenol with the enhanced properties of excellent thermal stability and UV stability in addition to the original properties of terpene phenolic resin. This resin meets the demands for products that require superior transparency and stability.

  • A clear type of hydrogenated terpene phenolic resin
  • Improved UV and improved heat resistance
  • Colorless, transparent, and odorless


Optical PSAs and adhesives, Clear coating agents, Photosensitive materials, Inks, Paint


  • Flake


Name of Products Appearance Softening Point
Color CAS RN Packing
YS POLYSTER UH115 Flake 115±5 GS 2 max 1254557-84-0
and other
20kgs Bag

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